About Us

RF Design was formally established in 2005 and was initially set up to cater specifically for website design, gradually broadening the scope of its operations to target all areas of the graphic and website design market. In doing so we can offer our clientele a wide range of services which can meet each clients specific needs, wants and demands.

The secret to our success lies in the fact that we involve users in the project at a very early stage in the process. in order to determine requirements and tap into their knowledge about system goals and needs. The project team sets up brainstorming and fact-finding sessions with the following groups of users:
- Client users – the people in the organisation who will be operating the portal and are ultimately responsible for its success. The input of this group of users is fundamental for the design of the backend.
- Third parties – other people both inside and outside the organisation who have an interest in the system.
- End users – the people who will actually use the system to perform tasks. Involving end users is a fundamental part of the exercise since a successful website is one which is geared to its users’ needs and their technical abilities, not those of the developer who is creating the site. A wide gap often exists between the technical competence and expectations of users and developers and a failure to understand these differences could lead to a portal’s failure.

Our Mission

To provide quality service, real time support with intelligent solutions to deliver powerful services that is quick to implement and provide quantifiable results and a faster return-on-investment to our customers.

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